Launch Date:

June 13, 2018

Looking for Ragnarok Online server, but do not have enough time for your adventures at 1x?
Modern mid and high servers are boring and monotonous?

You've achieved your goal!

We are happy to offer a balanced mid rate server, which includes the opportunity to immerse yourself in the amazing world of Anime MMORPG, find yourself allies for the joint conquest of bosses and new towers. You will find hot battles during Battleground fights, a weekly bloody WoE for the right to own a castle 2.0, gloomy dungeons and chests with unique treasures!

On our server there are all the best game moments that can be on the last Pre-RE episode, and even more!

Below is a brief description and some features of our server:

Server Rates:

Weekdays Rates
  • 77x | 77x | 33x
  • Normal Cards: 77x (0.77%)
Weekends Rates
  • 99x | 99x | 44x
  • Normal Cards: 99x (0.99%)
Static Rates
  • Gemini, Salamander, Byorgue Cards: 33x (0.33%)
  • Quest Exp: 10x
  • MVP: 3x
  • MVP & Mini-Boss Cards: 1x (0.01%)

Main Server Information:

  • Pre-Renewal classic
  • Episode 13.3 - El Dicastes +
  • Max level: 99/70
  • Instant cast 150 dex
  • Max ASPD: 190
  • Anti Stun 97 vit
  • Party exp. bonus 20% per member
  • Max Share Range 20 levels
  • Max Party Members 15 members
  • Gepard Shield 3.0 Anti-Cheat
  • Server Timezone: Estonia/Tallinn
  • Main Language: English
  • Multiple windows: Allowed
  • Autoclickers (Skillspam only), Autopot (Romedic): Allowed
  • Minimum delay: 0.2s (5 skills per second)
  • Item usage delay: 0.15s

Game server features:

  • RCX analogue Integrated into the client (LGP Plugin)
  • Improved positional movement of characters
  • Possibility to purchase a color nickname
  • Qualified support in several languages
  • Improved BattleGrounds 2.0
  • Different in-game commands that facilitate gameplay
  • Unique and customized endless tower & endless cellar
  • A great stylist who has a lot of hairstyles and palettes (Kami-Shi)
  • Extensive guild kafra with a strong password
  • NPC Costume Maker to create a costume item and reverse back to normal item
  • Extensive quest shop with a huge number of Headgears and much more
  • Claw Machine with unique prizes
  • Monthly sales of valuable items for the game currency
  • Hunting quests of varying difficulty
  • Same-sex marriage: Allowed


  • Conquest 2.0 (With the castle rotation)
  • KVM Best of 3 mode
  • Triple Inferno (With increased rewards)
  • Team DeathMatch
  • BG helpers system*
  • Working @bgvote command (kick, change leader)
  • Free Soul Link buff only for Soul Linkers
  • The stalker can not lose his skill in combat by using the skill Plagiarize
  • Available command @guildskill EC/RS/RG/BO
  • The number of earned badges on BG depends on the number of participants
  • Weekly awards for top players
  • Party registration in one team (up to 3 people)
  • BG shop where you can find all kinds of consumables for battles
  • Possibility to buy some PvM consumption for badges

Island mall:

  • Convenient location of NPC in the center of the capital
  • Convenient All-In-one Trader, various quest NPC
  • Healer 100% + Buffer (Agi/Bless) in one NPC
  • Healer Manager PRO Paid Services (Magnificat, Increased Time for Agi/Bless)
  • Free Warper except MvP locations. MvP locations by paid system
  • Automatic repair of broken items in any town
  • In-game channel chats 18+

War of Emperium:

  • Exciting battles in 2.0 Castles on Sunday
  • Updated entry/register systems to the castles
  • Loki, Gospel, Abracadabra, High jump, Kaizel skills are disabled on the territory of the castle
  • Max Cap for one guild is 24 members
  • Guild Alliance: Disabled
  • MvP Cards on WoE: Enabled
  • MBK, Sharp Shooting, Provoke works on guild members
  • Customized drop from Treasure Chests
  • Game statistics are updated in real time

Guild Locations:

  • A spacious location with nice bonuses when you improve:
    - Level 1 update: customizable buffs
    - Level 2 update: separate location for Abracadabra and MVP
    - Level 3 update: free warp to MVP locations
  • Free Summon MvP on location for Abracadabra (once per day) + upgradable to every 10h
  • All NPC (Including stylist, guild kafra, card remover)
  • Free guild location for WoE guilds*
    * Provides a location without any improvements, when the guild passes 3x woe, the location is automatically released (regardless of the upgrades made by the guild leader)

Hosting Information:

  • Game Server hosted in Europe, France
  • Proxy Server in Netherlands (Low latency between NL and FR)
  • Anti DDoS protection
  • Daily Auto-Backups